Mobile Doctors 24-7 and Etisalat Digital join forces to bring a unique healthcare solution to UAE

Etisalat Digital and Mobile Doctors 24-7 (MD 24-7) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bring digital medical care offerings to the UAE.

Etisalat Digital, a business unit of Etisalat, will provide digital enabling capabilities to MD 24-7’s services, including its bi-directional and integrated mobile application and call centre staffed with general practitioners, family medicine specialists, paediatricians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, wellness advisors, nurses and case managers.

MD 24-7 also offers a Hospital at Home Program, which uses telemonitoring technology and virtual clinics, enabling patients to be monitored and treated in their homes and/or offices, with the aims to save 50% of cost.

Additionally, the two companies will work together to develop chronic disease management solutions that will contribute to reducing chronic patients’ emergency room visits, reduce the average length of stay in hospital, and reduce unnecessary hospital readmission.

Raouf Khalil, founder and CEO of Mobile Doctors 24-7, said: “Our collaboration with Etisalat Digital will result in creative and innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies to foster change in the healthcare system to align consumers and payers.”

“Our solution to the many issues facing healthcare provision is to change consumer behaviour by providing them 24-7 access to a system that avoids unnecessary waste of healthcare resources.” he added.

Francisco Salcedo, SVP Etisalat Digital, added: “We are pleased to partner with MD 24-7 that will help meet specific requirements of the healthcare sector. These creative and innovative solutions will use futuristic technologies to foster change in the ecosystem.

“This project is in line with the formation of Etisalat Digital’s long-term objectives to tap such opportunities and support the UAE leadership’s objectives in enabling digital transformation in the country. This partnership was a result of the alignment with Dubai Future Accelerator that has provided a perfect platform to young companies to engage with our experts, have access to our robust network and utilise our digital technologies to build viable products and new revenue streams.”

This partnership has been initiated under the Dubai Future Accelerators Programme.

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