From the CEO’s Desk

Reflecting on 2020

The start of a new year naturally inspires us to reflect on the past year and plan ahead. It is typically filled with learnings from the previous year, revisiting visions and missions, redefining strategies to align with short- and long-term objectives and setting smart goals and KPIs to ensure you monitor continuously and steer towards your goal every single day.  2020 wasn't an easy year for any of us! The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact tested us all in many ways. We saw unforeseen ramifications to work and home environments as well as severe financial pressure on an already struggling healthcare ecosystem. With lockdowns and fear of acquiring COVID-19, more and more people changed their mindset about healthcare access and considered alternates to visiting a doctor’s office for non-emergency care. Telehealth moved from a convenient alternative to a public health imperative.

We, at TruDoc 24x7, believe “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going " hence we developed a new healthcare delivery system “24x7 Care Level Management”, CLM.  24x7 CLM provides four integrated 24x7 Healthcare Entry Points connected to our 24x7 Telemedicine Control Center. Entry Points includes Integrated Mobile Application including symptom checker when traveling, On-Site Virtual Clinics when at the office, Hospitalist Program when at the hospital, Hospital at Home Program with 24x7 Telemonitoring when at home, catering 24x7 to healthy, acute and chronic members. TruDoc 24x7’s staff includes full-time General Physicians, Family Medicine Specialists, Psychologists, Wellness Experts, Pharmacists, Case Managers and a comprehensive team of IT Specialists.  TruDoc’s new delivery system, CLM, provided the right balance between savings lives and saving livelihoods by saving money to payers by avoiding unnecessary overutilization and early intervention while treating our chronic patients at home away from potentially acquiring COVID-19 in clinic and/or hospitals. CLM supported TruDoc’s mission of aligning patients and payer through Evidence Based Medicine.

Emerging stronger from the crisis

At one of the most challenging times in world history, we have emerged stronger. We enter 2021 with a very robust foundation and foresee an exciting future.

  •   Our membership base grew by more than 100% in 2020 with 4,400,000 paid subscribers in multiple countries.
  •   Client base for TruCare Plus Service – our incentivized care model, grew by more than 150%
  •   Chronic Care Management saw an increase in growth by 97%
  •   We expanded our existing association with the government authorities globally and acquired new contracts
  •   Collaborated with Microsoft to carry out a comprehensive Platform Modernization exercise to improve all the entry points of CLM
This has given a new momentum to TruDoc’s expansion plans in 2021.

TruDoc’s goal is to touch 20 million new lives in the next 36 months by

  •   Marking our footprints in 15 new countries
  •   Organic growth in existing countries by expanding the service specialties (obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics) through strategic partnerships and new distribution channels like telecom providers, pharmacies, franchises etc.
  •   Implementing all modules of our one-of-a-kind solution “24x7 Care Level Management”

In order to enhance member experience, we will continue to invest in technology and human capital for customized and predictive care. We target to digitize healthcare delivery further to achieve the perfect blend of technology touchpoints and human interaction. Our vision is to ensure patients and payers are aligned and any financial transaction in the healthcare world happens only when there is an imminent clinical need. To realize our vision and accomplish our goals for 2021 we intend to introduce an AI Based Systems for Triaging Members, Predictive Analytics to identify at risk members and focus on improving the overall health score for our member base, implement clinical decision support system for our doctors to standardize the care delivery and an end-to-end Health Service Platform to have a wonderful and seamless member experience.

As we now welcome 2021, we have never been more committed to protecting and serving our patients and clients. As an industry, I believe we have a long road ahead of us, but in order to create meaningful change, we need to continue Doing the Right Thing!

Wishing TruDoc 24x7 partners, members and employees a Happy & Healthy New Year!


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