For Telecom

The demand for quality healthcare services across the world is ongoing and constantly increasing.

TruDoc 24x7 can provide telecom operators with a tried and tested value added service for their members including a 24x7 medical and wellness concierge solution which gives users round-the-clock access to highly trained and licensed doctors and wellness experts through our interactive and integrated mobile application.

For telecommunication companies, TruDoc 24x7 services offer an unparalleled means of product differentiation.

TruDoc 24x7

A true healthcare solution

How It Works

With TruDoc 24x7, you have access to quality, convenient and quick care starting from the moment you access our physician helpline (via our interactive mobile application called TruDoc 24x7 or toll-free number 800 878362) to the point of recovery.

  • Download our mobile application, available on Google Play and App Store – set up your account
  • Call TruDoc 24x7, anytime, from anywhere in the world for honest medical and wellness advice on your condition
  • Get a referral, doctor’s appointment or medication delivered to your doorstep
  • Receive a follow-up call. We offer our members continuous support by following up until the point of recovery

Benefits for Telecom

  •  Gain competitive edge
  •  Leverage core assets
  •  Enter into adjacent industries
  •  Acquire new revenue streams

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Contact us for more information or for a demonstration of our innovative and one-of-a-kind healthcare solution.

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“Glad I called TruDoc 24x7– it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better!”

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