For Governments

Very often unnecessary healthcare services or misaligned medical practice contributes to a substantial healthcare overuse, which constitutes a cost burden for the economy.

In the GCC region, individuals tend to go for specialty care at first and neglect the primary care level which is enhancing the cost balance

With TruDoc 24x7, individuals get the healthcare they need, not the one they can afford. It serves as a population management solution delivering primary healthcare services in response to the need of having a more effective use of the different levels of clinical care and providing individuals with a convenient service.

At TruDoc 24x7, we support the government mandate to improve access to 24x7 medical advice and ensure referral to appropriate level of care when needed

TruDoc 24x7

A true healthcare solution

Benefits for Governments

  •   Reduce wastage and overutilization
  •  Reduce unnecessary demand on 999 services
  •  Reduce hospital bed days and unnecessary emergency room visits
  •  Reduce avoidable hospital admissions
  •  Increase patient satisfaction

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“Glad I called TruDoc 24x7– it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better!”

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