Face-to-Face Services

24x7 On-site Virtual Clinic

Asset 56

Call Doctor - Speak to doctor anytime, 24/7/365

Asset 59

Sick leave

Asset 53

Pharmacy management + medication delivery where available

Asset 61

Chronic disease management

Asset 54

Easy-to-use smart devices to measure vitals

Asset 58


Asset 57

Referrals to nearest in network facility and appointment booking

Asset 60

24x7 access to wellness experts

On-site Doctor

Asset 5

Doctors at
company premises

Asset 4


Asset 1

Medication delivery,
where available

24x7 Hospital at Home®Program

Asset 11

GP, therapist, psychiatrist, pediatrician and wellness expert home visit

Asset 6

Care co-ordination and patient education

Asset 14


Asset 13

Medication delivery, where available

Asset 8

Lab services at home, where available

Asset 7

Medical equipment co-ordination and delivery

Asset 9

Home health

Asset 10

Virtual specialist consultation/second opinion

Corporate Health & Wellness

Asset 2

Wellness lectures
and workshops

Asset 12

Fitness challenges
and sessions

Asset 3

Customized meal and
exercise plans

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