TruDoc 24×7 prescribes antibiotics telephonically following Standards for Telemedicine Services issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

How many times have you or your family members visited a doctor for a simple case of cold and ended up getting unnecessary, expensive branded medications and tests, or even antibiotics that you don’t need?

Antibiotics are one of mankind’s greatest medical inventions and has helped tide over many ailments.

Rampant use of antibiotics has come under radar of authorities for all the wrong reasons.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to unnecessary prescriptions and hence, highly recommends the use of antibiotics on proper prescription only. Given the background of antibiotic misuse leading to disease resistance, the most beneficial way is to consult physicians face-to-face or over the phone to ensure a proper balance between what is required and the best possible medical solution.

Evidence-Based Medicine is the only way that holds key to saving patients’ lives from unnecessary usage of antibiotics, thereby leading to unwanted long-term side effects.

As per the Standards for Telemedicine Services issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA), TruDoc 24×7’s  doctors are able to prescribe antibiotics and other authorized medications for both acute and chronic conditions via teleconsultation in addition to over the counter medications. Our doctors are also able to request lab tests as well as issue electronic prescriptions for acute and chronic conditions and ensure delivery of medications, wherever applicable.

Members can reach out to TruDoc 24×7 and gain access to an integrated delivery system from anywhere in the world, managed by the team of licensed doctors, wellness experts and case managers.

TruDoc 24×7 brings the perfect blend of technology and medical expertise to its members by providing a one-of-a-kind 24×7 Population Health Management solution for individuals with acute and chronic conditions.

For more information on TruDoc 24×7 services, contact our 24×7 call center at 800 878 362 or Download TruDoc 24×7 mobile application.

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