Why is it important to always have a First Aid Kit on hand at all times?

The importance of having a “First Aid Kit” should not be underestimated. The risk of getting a small accident namely a wound, in or around the house, during a trip or during practicing your favorite sport or hobby is not neglect able, therefore it is important always to have a “First Aid Kit” on hand. Especially in a hot and humid climate such as that in the UAE and the region, wounds may become easily infected. This small wound can have major consequences if not treated adequately from the start! There are different types of wounds with different ways to treat.  It is also worth mentioning that there are different types of kits for different needs and situations, such as a waterproof, for bites and stings, for mountaineers etc.

As health professionals we recommend that every household should have a basic “First Aid Kit” in a reachable known safe place for all family members, such as kitchen cupboard. These kits are usually compact and light, also handy to always have on hand and particularly suitable for short trips, day trips and outdoor activities. Do not worry they usually have on the back of the packaging a description of the contents in different languages! Have also a check on the contents as such a basic kit should contain sterile dressings (5 pieces), wound plasters of different sizes (12 pieces), hydrophilic swaddle (1 piece), adhesive patch roll (1 piece), a pair of gloves, alcohol wipes (4 pieces), safety pins (6 pieces) and a small pair of scissors and tweezers. You can also shape it to your needs and add for example safe common over- the- counter painkillers. Make sure once used to maintain your kit!

No “First Aid Kit” on hand yet? Get one then from the nearest pharmacy and discuss with your pharmacist. Not sure of the type of the wound and what to do? Discuss with your doctor from the “Mobile Doctors 24-7” team.

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