Abuse Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are drugs that work against infections caused by bacteria. They work by killing the bacteria or inhibiting their growth. Antibiotics do not work against viruses. There are different types of antibiotics, the most well known one is Penicillin, which was also the first antibiotic to be discovered! Each type of antibiotic is effective against a specific group of bacteria. This is why it is very important that if antibiotics are needed that they are given for the appropriate condition and reason! It is very significant to know that only in cases of serious bacterial infections are antibiotics useful!

If an antibiotic is used regularly and abused the bacteria can develop resistance. The bacterium is no longer sensitive to the antibiotic. In this case if you get an infection with such resistant bacteria the antibiotic will not help anymore and your course of disease will be complicated. Unfortunately newly invented antibiotics are not keeping up the pace, trend and speed with which the bacteria are becoming resistant. Often antibiotics are used when it is not really necessary. In some countries, you can even buy antibiotics without a prescription!

WHO recommends the use of antibiotics on prescription only.

Therefore the only way to ensure that bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics is by proper and careful use. Therefore always listen to the doctor that tells you about the risks of antibiotics and does not prescribe it easily. You would be shocked at how heavy types are used abroad in hospitals and are given to kids frequently for minor complaints! Therefore use antibiotics only if the doctor considers it necessary. Only use the prescribed antibiotics .Take the daily amount of antibiotics carefully, at the time prescribed and always finish a given course. Do not use old leftover antibiotics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns regarding abuse of antibiotics that leads to promoting an epidemic of resistance in Europe. On the occasion of the “European information day for antibiotics” on November 18, WHO recommends the use of antibiotics on prescription only. Worldwide there is a greater awareness of the consequences of misuse or abuse of antibiotics than in countries where antibiotics are less regulated and can be obtained without a prescription. Thus it is best to always be aware!

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