Who We Are

Who We Are

TruDoc 24x7 combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health to provide you with immediate access to highly trained, licensed doctors and wellness experts for healthy, acute and chronic condition management and advice via voice/video calls, live chat as well as on-site doctor visits and clinics. You can talk to our full-time doctors and wellness experts from anywhere in the world, whether you are at home, at the office, on a business trip or on vacation.

TruDoc 24x7 provides consumers with a true 24x7 population health management solution.

Our goal is to ensure appropriate balance between quality and cost, starting from the moment you access our physician helpline to the point of recovery.


  • 24x7 Medical Call Center


  • Integrated Mobile Application
  • On-site Company Doctor
  • Wellness Call Center + On-site Wellness


  • Transformation from telemedicine to 24-7 PHM
  • On-site virtual clinic booth
  • DHA Cancer and Hepatitis Program
  • DHA Hospital at Home® licensed by Johns Hopkins university
  • 24x7 telemonitoring
  • Strategic partnership with DHA, Etisalat, Microsoft
  • 358+ multinational clients


  • 5.1 + million paid subscribers
  • Strategic partnership with Roche on Diabetes Management program
  • Operating in UAE, Egypt, Nigeria & Kenya
  • 380 + multinational clients


We strive to do what’s right by telling you the truth and giving you what you need, not what you can afford.


We believe that the patient always comes first. We ensure that you are truly educated about your condition and engaged in its management.


We believe in empowering and educating patients and we provide them with round-the-clock support.

Focused on You.

Trusted Care.

We believe that the patient always comes first. With our patient-centric approach, we ensure that you are truly educated about your condition and engaged in its management, thus ensuring better clinical outcomes.

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A true healthcare solution.

24x7 Population Health Management for healthy, acute and chronic conditions through telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health.

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